Hello all,

So why another Mistress listing site you may ask, well, we feel there is need, there are more and more professionals now adding various types of medical play to their skill sets, some still doing it in the dungeon and some with their own dedicated medical suites,

Generally speaking the current Mistress Listing sites are generous and allow those that specialise to also list themselves, some even allow two listing one for the dungeon, another for the white room, however it is as we all know very much a growth industry. Generally speaking the current Mistress Listing sites are so busy it is very easy to be lost in the crowd so we thought a specialist site for specialists….

So whilst we were at it we thought also a good place to post an open blog a place to share knowledge. Tip’s and tricks maybe, useful URL’s, news of you and your business that type of thing, as long as it is all friendly then we’ll post it…just email it to us and we will get it up as soon as time allows…

We thought also a great place to list businesses that supply medical disposables, medical toys like breath play rigs, electric boxes all things medical, easy to find and already specialist fetish businesses or at the very least fetish friendly…if you are a business reading this just get in touch and we will be glad to give you a free listing on the appropriate page….